Tarot: Cesar Forero

Cesar Forero is a Colombian-born Canadian with a background in architecture, sculpture, painting, and public performance.He is a member of the International Academy of Ceramist AIC/IAC. He holds an MA from Minnesota State University and an MFA from the University of Waterloo, Ontario.He is the director and curator at Truth Gym Gallery and currently sits on the boards at the Temiskaming Art Gallery, in Haileybury, Sculptors Society of Canada and Ontario Society of Artists, in Toronto, the Nippissing Regional Curatorial Collective in North Bay and Contemporary Art Committee, in Kirkland Lake, Ontario; in which he is the creator and current president.His artworks and performances have been shown worldwide and stand in public and private collections.

Tarot Series

Dimensions: 30″ x 40″
Media: Oil on canvas
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Messages, notes, dreams, desires, hopes and wishes…

News and no news are all together with the resonance of our life in movement.

Turning fantasy into reality, or, reality fulfilled with fantastical characters and dreams.

A brilliant way to contain wisdom and a cosmic map enduring your lifetime!

A mystical way to walk on this terrain, with hope and desire to accomplish our personal adventure!

A combination of experiences coming from our spiritual search and represented in the physical realm.

Messages, notes, dreams, desires, hopes and wishes…

The possibility of running or jumping on our path, with the expectation of knowing where to land and predicting our own successful arrival!

The working on the entire cosmos in our favor is bringing us messages, notes, dreams, desires, hopes and wishes…

“This too shall pass”

Moving always forward, knowing that everything will work out for our greater good.

Both the beginning and the end of an entire life experience are in front of our eyes.

…Something else comes afterwards!

Trust to jump for your dream, even when there is not ground to land on.

Freeing ourselves from wrongful lessons and letting our self to tell us where and how.

…A magnificent journey is always ready, waiting for our leap!

Instinct will tell you in what way… knowing that everything else is only there temporarily.

“This too shall pass” and new messages, notes, dreams, desires, hopes and wishes… will come!

Written By: Cesar Forero

Proofread by: Eileen Egerer.