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Highly recommend this gym! Amazing equipment and great staff. Ask for Jordan, he is incredible!Nora MaglioApril 1, 2023
A friend recently recommended me to Keegan at truth gym, I couldn’t be more happy with the gym and all the equipment. Keegan has really helped me with all of my goals. Really stoked to lose some more weight. I strongly recommend Keegan for what ever body/health goals you are trying to achieve! Thank you KeeganKaden ReviewsApril 1, 2023
This gym is awesome! Also Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, did I mention Jordan... okay I think that will do. Seriously though Jordan is my guy! Thanks for the guidance my brother!!!Tim StedmanApril 1, 2023
Very nice atmosphere, gym is forever changing with newer and better equipment for members, with multiple pieces of equipment for every body part, multiples of dumbells, and all sorts of different stretching gear, medicine balls, ropes, bands and tons of other stuff. Facility is kept clean, great staff up front always in good spirits and super cool, especially Jordan!! Great tunes if you forget your headphones. Lockers for your gear too. Many different walks of life attend too, from first timers in a gym to pro's that just got off stage....everyone is welcome. All in all a great gym for all fitness levels!!Cody LindsayMarch 31, 2023
My buddy Keegan B took me there for the first time, compared to the gym we shared in whistler this gym was class. Clean setup, dope equipment, lots of space. Would recommend 👍🏻HaydenMarch 30, 2023
Phenomenal equipment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, great accessibility. Give Keegan a visit at the desk, he’s great and will set you up right!Taylor VanceMarch 29, 2023
My very first review am going to make, coz truth gym gallery deserves a 5 star! Starting from the staff down to the equipments! @Jordan, big man thanks for everything, all the gains am getting are all thanks to you and that plan you made from scratch for me! Kudos to you jordan and truth gym gallery! 🏋️‍♂️ lets get it!Divin JonathanMarch 29, 2023
Great gym and great atmosphere! Ask for Jordan, he spent a few sessions helping me out and is an absolute beast!Jason SchriberMarch 29, 2023
Super welcoming environment, dope equipment, amazing people. Keegan Beaulieu always helping outNick JMarch 29, 2023
DO NOT GO HERE. Nicest equipment on the island, SERIOUS body building gym, a whole posing room, good snacks, STUDENT DISCOUNT, and awesome members. The only reason I say not to go here is because I want the whole gym to myself. Also anytime your frown needs to be turned upside down Kaylee at the front desk is the way to do it.sebastian prestonMarch 29, 2023
Good vibes, good equipment and even better people like Keegan to help out. Love this place.Christopher NoriegaMarch 28, 2023
Truth is great gym for bodybuilding and general public. If you go ask for Keegan BeaulieuTank ArnoldMarch 27, 2023
Look everyone has equipments, but the but the gym members there want to be there and it makes you feel good working out. At least that’s how I’ve felt on more than one occasion. Also as a somewhat beginner, I really appreciate Jordan answering my questions and never making feel like I ask too many or stupid questions. I don’t have much to say for the experienced but, in general when less experienced people are treated with respect the more experienced ones are treated equally or better. Cheers!Chris NkurunzizaMarch 27, 2023
Got everything you look for - decent equipment, pricing and staff who are approachable (I’ve worked with Keegan on a few things and he knows his stuff!). Can be intimidating to go to a gym and ask for help but not here!!Andrew SparkMarch 27, 2023
Great gym, clean and has everything you would want. Thanks Keegan for the help!Owen RobertsMarch 27, 2023
I am new to this gym, but I must say that I am very impressed. The equipment is great, and the vibe is positive and energizing. What really sets this gym apart is the exceptional help I received from Keegan. He was patient and knowledgeable, making sure that I was comfortable with all of the equipment and providing guidance to help me get the most out of my workout. The gym itself is spacious and well-maintained, with plenty of options for both cardio and strength training. Overall, I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a welcoming and supportive environment with top-notch equipment and fantastic staff.Nate DemetriusMarch 27, 2023
I worked out at this facility and had an excellent workout! the equipment was high quality and easy to use. the front desk staff was super friendly and helpful especially Jordan, he was able to answer any questions I had and was super nice. Would 100% recommend this gym for anybody looking for a good workout and friendly peopledanicaMarch 27, 2023
What a great place! Keegan was super helpful with any questions about the gym equipment, and overall just extremely welcoming. Also super into the merch!Kyle PozzebonMarch 26, 2023
Had an amazing experience at Truth, Keegan gave me some tips and I would recommend this gym to anyone if they were looking for a well equipped space to workout in.Ryan ChristensenMarch 26, 2023
Jordan was sick Best gym I’ve ever been toJoran BrantingMarch 26, 2023
This gym is amazing. Had an amazing experience there. Helped out by Keegan while I was there. The equipment, vibe and atmosphere of the gym is top notch!Mat HamptonMarch 25, 2023
Insanely well equipped gym. Amazing staff, Keegan and the Josh’s have been super helpful. Highly recommend for anyone at any point in their journey.Samuel SniderMarch 25, 2023
This gym has to be my favourite after trying out so many others! The environment there feels great and the variety/quality of equipment is awesome. The past few times I’ve came to the gym Jordan was working at the the front desk, and has always been super friendly and helpful while navigating my way through the gym!brooklyn erbMarch 25, 2023
Really solid gym set up. Lots of space, great equipment. Doesn’t feel nearly as crowded as most gyms. Keegan was really friendly🤙Adam BMarch 25, 2023
Truth is very welcoming and has a great variety of machines for any workout! The staff are incredibly kind (shout out Jordan) and the music is always fire 🔥🔥Logan ForbesMarch 25, 2023
Best Gym in Victoria, staff are amazing, lovely community.Bharat BadlaniMarch 25, 2023
Great gym! Keegan was awesome help!Paul CooperMarch 25, 2023
Truth Gym is amazing! They have incredible choices of equipment that are great for people starting out in the fitness world, as well as everything a pro needs. The art gallery is a nice unique touch. Thanks to Keegan, who makes every visit such an enjoyable one. He’s so calm and easy going, and always quick to help out or answer any questions. 5 star experience!Dixie BeaulieuMarch 24, 2023
Sick atmosphere, great equipment. Keegan is very knowledgeable and approachable. Ask about his top recommendations for recreation pantsSteven MMarch 24, 2023
Love the vibe in this Gym! Met some great people. Spoke with Keegan and he was a top bloke! Spotted me and gave me some great advice!Ryan DickensonMarch 24, 2023
Truth gym has an incredible atmosphere and the equipment is nothing but exceptional. The front desk staff is super nice and I found Jordan to be very helpful and friendly.Carrot 69March 24, 2023
Awesome gym with a great atmosphere and advanced equipment. The front desk staff is super friendly and Jordan especially is very helpful. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a good workout and great time.Samuella MwizaMarch 24, 2023
Great atmosphere with welcoming people. Keegan was a wonderful help 🙂Andrew EdgarMarch 24, 2023
Keegan was awesome! So helpful so cool defo 10/10 recommendAshley StewartMarch 23, 2023
Keegan totally blasted my glutes!Liam BeresfordMarch 23, 2023
I went out of my way to write a Google review, why would I lie? Sensational <3Ryan McCallumMarch 23, 2023
I Love to train there! Keegan is a really friendly guy and I enjoy to chat with him every time. Whenever you need help during your sets, people are so kind and will help you. I can’t say anything against the equipment, it’s awesome! You will have a great time there!luc PMarch 23, 2023
Truth Gym Gallery is an awesome place to train! It has a great layout, with a wide variety of equipment and machines for different styles of training. The staff and the people that workout there are friendly and dedicated, and add to the awesome strength community on Vancouver Island! See Keegan at the front desk to get yourself a membership!Matthew HarlandMarch 23, 2023
Keegan at the front desk was super helpful and knowledgeable!! Will be telling all my friends bout this place!!!Calyssa BeaulieuMarch 23, 2023
Amazing gym, incredible equipment and cleanliness! The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable! Have never loved a gym more than this one.Lydia DoesburgMarch 20, 2023
Josh is king and the whole truth gym staff is awesome they help with you on whatever your needs may be Hands down best gym in vicMarko RadovanovichMarch 16, 2023
Amazing gym. It has everything you need. Staff are great and welcoming. Shoutout to jordan 💪💪fayyazash1March 6, 2023
Best gym in Victoria in terms of equipment and environment. Great staff especially Jordan 💪Srikanth SaravananMarch 5, 2023
Jacky LiuMarch 5, 2023
Iann SpindolaFebruary 26, 2023
great gym good people clean area.RusticFebruary 24, 2023
Awesome facility. Good vibes and people are there to train! The equipment is state of the art and too many options to choose from. Will be back for sure!Mj GabasFebruary 24, 2023
Solid place to train, best pure bodybuilding gym on the island, Keegan and staff are super helpful in explaining membership/equipment/anything else you have questions aboutSean LabbeFebruary 22, 2023
Started training here a little while ago. Equipment in the room is top notch and the training environment is awesome. Giver er a goTrevor DavisFebruary 21, 2023