Fouad Abiad Visits Truth Gym Gallery

During the grand opening weekend of October 23rd-24th, 2021 at Truth Gym Gallery Fouad Abiad spent a couple of days training inside our facility and to his surprise was blown away by the gym that he was walking into. Without much previous knowledge of the space, he arrived in Victoria, bc to find a bodybuilding playground filled with both old school classic piece from top manufacturers such as cybex, strive, atlantis and more, as well as a ton of new equipment from brands such as Matrix, Hammer Strength, and Life Fitness. 

As part of our mission to build a community in Victoria that is focused on our members building their best body, it’s a privilege to bring out professional bodybuilding and individuals that have been around the scene for a number of years. Fouad Abiad is one of the original Canadian bodybuilders that truly put Canadian bodybuilding on the map in a sport that was traditionally dominated by Americans. After Fouad came on the scene, many took notice of the quality bodybuilding scene in Canada and the incredible physiques that this country could produce. Many others would follow in his footsteps to go on to have aspiring careers as part of the IFBB.

During the creation stage of the gym, Corey Swiergosz & Andrew Kersten vision for the gym was something that would be recognized as a world class gym in Victoria, BC. It’s with great honour to have Fouad Abiad review the gym in a positive light as seen in the video about stating: “It’s an awesome gym, if you get a chance come to Truth Gym in Victoria bc, get a workout in, it’s really awesome, the atmosphere is awesome, the people that own the gym is awesome, its a real bodybuilding building gym, check it out you won’t be disappointed”.

Fouad Abiad was able to train both legs as well as arms within our gym having great workouts both days. The atmosphere was exciting and put him in the right mindframe to train even after a long day of flying and being on a restricted diet as part of his current transformation. 

Fouad Abiad’s Leg Workout At Truth Gym Gallery

Lying Hamstring Curls (Matrix Ultra Series Lying Hamstring Machine)

Seated Leg Extension (Matrix Ultra Series Seated Hamstring Curl Machine)

Stiff-legged Hamstring deadlift (Dumbbells)

Pendulum Squat (Atlantis Pendulum Squat Machine)

Leg Press (Atlantis Leg Press Machine)

Single Leg Glute Press For Volume (Cybex Leg Press Machine)

Fouad Abiad’s Arm Workout At Truth Gym Gallery

Tricep Pushdown with angled bar (Matrix Cable Machine)

Skull Crusher on incline bench (Matrix Adjustable Bench)

Standing Rope Bicep Curl (Matrix Cable Machine)

Standing Dumbbell Curl Alternating Dumbbells)

Machine Tricep Press down (Atlantis Press Down)

Machine Bicep Curl (Matrix Ultra Series Bicep Curl Machine)

Preacher Curl Machine (Atlantis)**All exercises above had been done with fat gripz during this workout

It was an absolute privilege to have Fouad Abiad in Victoria, Bc as part of the grand opening and to have him train within our gym. Keep an eye on our news page and instagram for more professional and influential individuals making their way to Truth Gym Gallery in the near future.