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At Truth Gym Gallery we strive to bring you more than just a gym membership that gives you access to the gym floor on a 24/7 basis. What makes us different is the shared dedication towards building better bodies and the continued support around the community of like minded individuals. It’s that passion towards fitness/bodybuilding that allows us to continually push through all the government regulations, come out the other side with a stronger connection to each other and a greater sense of respect for the journey each person is on. “Define Your Truth” the slogan that is displayed over the mirrors in the main strength training room is a statement that is uniquely personal to each individual that walks through the door. However, we know that it takes an army of people to help each person get to their desired outcomes. The community that we are creating within the gym is a second family and support structure for all members to lean on during their fitness journey that is uniquely their own.

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The gym owners Corey Swiergosz & Andrew Kersten are avid bodybuilding supporters that live and breathe the lifestyle of the industry. It’s their mission to create the ideal space for you to have the best workout of your life everyday. In addition, they take it upon themselves to offer opportunities for members to grow their knowledge base through events and seminars. Continually providing the Vancouver Island community with top level athletes and experts from around the world. This knowledge gained is one aspect of the sport that will serve members well if they take advantage of it as they can ask personal questions from top advisors that have gone down the same journey you are looking to achieve. Throughout the year you will see a number of these events featuring individuals utilizing the art gallery space for seminars as well as the gym floor for more practical training. 

The semi-private nature of Truth Gym Gallery as a premium fitness offering is unique to the Victoria, British Columbia market. Our goal is to build a membership base that is training for the same reasons and supportive of each other. At some point in the future, the membership count will be capped and a waitlist to join the facility will be implemented. The people we have as members of the gym are critically important to the environment that we are creating and we want to offer you the best atmosphere to suit your needs.

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Furthermore, Truth Gym Gallery is an extension of our members’ living space and you should feel comfortable within it. Serious gym goers spend 1-3 hours a day in the gym and we want you to feel as comfortable as if you are in your own home. Not only do we offer a bright and inviting space, but we have furthered our mission of “body + art” from the art gallery into the gym space to give you a unique experience. The visual displays of art feature both permanent installations and rotational installations that will freshen up your workouts between sets and give you something visually appealing to look at. Like the art? Take a selfie and post it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and make sure to tag us @truthgymgallery

The word “kaizen” is a Japanese word from manufacturing that means constant never ending improvement. This couldn’t be more true of the gym and art gallery that is still in its first year of operation. Each day we work towards fine tuning the space and making improvements for the members that will benefit the most people. Upgrading equipment, adding new accessories, and adding to our art collection are all things we are continually doing to bring you a better gym experience. Have a suggestion? Something you’d like to see in the space that we currently don’t offer? Send us an email via our contact form