Victoria Bc’s Newest Gym In 2021

Truth Gym Gallery | Victoria Bcs Newest gym 2021

After a full year of renovations, Truth Gym Gallery finally opened its doors on July 15th to welcome members of Victoria to a new gym and art gallery concept becoming Victoria Bc’s Newest Gym in 2021. Simply seeing members working out was a massive achievement for co-owners Andrew Kersten and Corey Swiergosz.  Throughout the process of building, permitting, and development, they had been hit with many curveballs. But, as with any renovation, this is typical and having the persistence to continually push forward was never in question for the guys with a plan.

Having trained in the local Victoria market for over 10 years, the boys were inspired to travel the world and see some of the most iconic gym spaces such as Golds Gym Venice, Bev’s Gym, Dino’s Gym Powerhouse Columbus, and many others. Together, they wanted to build a facility in Victoria, BC, that was genuinely world-class. The local area didn’t have a gym that genuinely focused on the “bodybuilding” or muscle-building aspect to greater detail. Their facility was going to be all about that with each piece of equipment. Hand-selected, each component within the facility was selected and placed accordingly to serve as the optimal destination for you to get your best workout in daily. Working with brands such as Hammer Strength, Matrix, Atlantis, Strive, and more, any piece that didn’t have the absolute best feel didn’t make it into the facility. When writing this, we still have a sea container in the parking lot and 2 massive storage units full of equipment that didn’t make the cut within the gym space. If it wasn’t the best, it simply didn’t make it into the gym.

Fouad Abiad Canadian Bodybuilder | Corey Swiergosz | Andrew Kerstan Truth Gym Gallery

The culture at the gym is one that we hoped would develop over time and, to our surprise, has already started to take shape. We wanted to build a home base for people who wanted to get a strenuous workout and better themselves. As competitive people heavily invested in the fitness/bodybuilding community, we also wanted a home base for the community to be able to learn, grow, and better themselves. We’ve made that place. The members have taken that onto their own and helped each other out. Whatever time of the day you are in the 24-hour facility, you’ll find people that are willing to help, spot, and push you to new PRs or how to safely use a piece of equipment. The sense of community can be felt from the very first workout.

Truth Gym Gallery | Best gym in victoria bc | Workout centre | squat racks

Since opening, we haven’t stopped building out the gym and offered more unique opportunities. Our grand opening celebration in October was a free event that featured a dance performance by Cesar Forero & Alex B as the art gallery opening officially took place. Cesar is the featured artist for the opening exhibition “Tarot,” now on display until January 2022. In addition, Fouad Abiad, royalty in the Canadian Bodybuilding scene, came to Truth Gym Gallery to talk about how to navigate your way through a bodybuilding career. Meeting fans and individuals from across BC, Fouad truly embodied the philosophy we are trying to build at Truth Gym. He took the time to evaluate people’s physiques, offer them tips, and take pictures. The vibe at the gym on that day was truly unique and something we want to do more of going here into the starting half of 2022.

200 Pound Dumbbells Heaviest dumbbells in Victoria BC Canada | Truth Gym Gallery

We are continually adding new pieces to the gym, such as a half-rack, smith machine, secondary pairs of GP dumbbells, back extension machine, and cardio pieces. We plan to evolve and introduce new cutting-edge pieces to the facility as we continue here within the following year. As professionals, we will not stop improving and refining the facility to bring you the best workout that you can find anywhere around. If you’d like to sign up today, membership are still available for our semi-private facility that is Victoria Bc’s Newest Gym in 2021!