Fitness Meet & Greet with IFBB Pro Stephen Didoshak

An excellent opportunity for our members and non-members was listening and asking questions about Canada’s latest IFBB Pro Athlete, Stephen Didoshak.

Interacting and witnessing the rise of IFBB Pro athlete Stephen Didoskah as he shared his long journey to the pro rankings was a fantastic experience.

Truth Gym Gallery hosted an intimate meet and greet with Stephen. Born and raised Coquitlam BC Canada, Stephen grew up playing very competitive sports and at the age of 20 he signed up for his first gym membership.  He immediately fell in love with training and how the human body functions and this is where his burning desire to push the limits of what his own body is capable of- came from. 

After training for a few short months in the gym he decided to do his first bodybuilding show in 2010, placing 1st in the Western Canadians in the middle weight division. From that moment on he was completely hooked, he was a bodybuilder!

Living passionately about bodybuilding he did whatever it took 365 days a year to be his best come show day with zero regrets. This included working 2-3 jobs during this journey through the amateur ranks, being a doorman at a night club, construction, and coaching clients. Working these jobs, following a structured plan, making time for the gym, he worked his ass off day in and day out, and it sure has paid off!

Stephen is extremely humble about his beginnings as he emphasized it was his unwavering dedication to being the best he could for himself fuelled passion and willpower, as he vulnerably stated he didn’t see what others saw within him and still doesn’t to this day. 

Stephen was relatable in this regard as the overarching theme of his talk was how he didn’t see himself as special or unique and he was the same as everyone else in the room. He attributes his success to his unwavering dedication mentally, physically and emotionally to the art form of bodybuilding as well as finding the empowerment of overcoming the mental challenges that inherently follow stepping on stage with some of the most polished bodybuilding athletes within fitness competitions and the bodybuilding world. 

A big takeaway members left with from Stephen’s talk is inspiration to believe in what they set their mind to achieve. That one can access their power within commitment when it’s combined with unwavering dedication to the end goal.

Taking a long term approach with delayed gratification is always going to have a bigger payoff if one truly desires success. Just like that old adage “where there is a will, there’s a way”.