How To Choose A Gym

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How To Choose A Gym

How To Choose A Gym?  Here are 6 factors to consider

Have you been thinking about joining a gym?  There are many gyms to choose from and no two gyms are completely alike.  All have different characteristics, and not all of them may be best suited to your personality, style, and most importantly, your fitness goals.

Here are six factors to consider when choosing a gym:

1. Training & equipment options

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing a gym is the type of training and equipment it offers.  You’ll want to pick a gym that is aligned with your current fitness level, allows you to continue to challenge yourself safely, and provides training and equipment to enable you to meet your goals.

Some things to investigate are whether the gym is more of a serious lifters gym, or has more of a mix of various types of equipment and programs. Does it have a large, open area for aerobics or stretching?  Does it have a track?  Will the gym allow you to guide your workouts, or must you be guided by a professional trainer? How do the trainers conduct their sessions? Do they prefer or require individual or group training?

2. Staffing

Many times a gym’s staff can make or break how effective that gym is in meeting your fitness goals.  While some gyms have an excellent staff across the board, it’s more often the case that a gym will have a handful of top-notch professional trainers.  Because of this, would be unfair to size up the gym staff as a whole, but this is a factor you need to investigate before signing up for a membership. 

The best approach to assess a gym’s staff is to ask about the staff’s qualifications, especially the trainers. Ask about their backgrounds, experience levels, if they specialize in particular types of training and fitness methods, and how long they have been working at the gym.  If possible, ask to meet the trainers and have a quick chat with each of them, to get an idea if their personality would be compatible with yours.  Also, find out if there is a go-to person if you have personal fitness questions or if the trainers are not available.

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3. Gym hours

We all lead busy lives.  You’re a busy person trying to balance family, work, exercise, hobbies, and rest. As such, you only have so much time to spare, and you want a gym that can conveniently accommodate your busy schedule. How to choose a gym should be primarily focused around the hours of business and if you can make it into the facility or not.

A gym with limited hours that opens late and closes early or is only open on certain days of the week may not leave you with enough time to exercise. Many gyms today are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can work out any time it fits your schedule.  You also want to find out what the trainers offer during those hours when they are on-site and the gym is open.

4. Cleanliness

Some fitness enthusiasts are content to work out in a basement gym that is dark and damp with peeling paint and odd smells.  However, the majority of us would prefer to train in a gym where the facilities, equipment, bathrooms, and showers are clean and well-maintained.

Some considerations here are: How often does the gym staff clean the various areas of the facility?  Does the gym offer a free or paid towel service?  Are there locker rooms to change in, and showers for after your workout, and are these areas kept clean and tidy?  What is the policy on wiping down equipment after use?  Are the parking lot and entrance well-lighted for safety?

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5. Location

A gym’s location can be a deciding factor in whether you persist in your fitness routine. Signing up for a gym that is far from your home or work will take time and effort to get there, which can quickly erode your fitness routine, disrupt other areas of your life, and discourage you from continuing your training. 

Having a gym in a convenient location will increase the likelihood of showing up more often and achieving your goals most efficiently and enjoyably. Do some searching online to find gyms that are close to where you spend most of your time or are on the path to your home or work.

6. Member Privileges/Community

Many gyms are very basic and bare-bones when it comes to their membership packages.  Others offer membership perks and fringe benefits that, although useful, may be designed to keep you hooked on continuing your membership with that gym forever. 

For example, some gyms offer guest passes for family and friends. Others include free or paid care services.  Others will feature a coffee or juice bar with a lounge area.  Services and amenities like these often come bundled in different price package tiers. Start by knowing your current needs and concentrate on ensuring you’ve met those, then inquire about other services and perks and whether you can add them in the future as your needs change. Keeping these things in mind will help you with how to choose a gym that best fits your needs.