Squat Pro Challenge & Body Painting Event

In-Person in Gallery Event on Saturday, November 19th, 2022, at noon PST

Body Painting Festival is a creative and visual extravaganza that combines a feast of magnificent body-painted models alongside music and a squat pro-lifting competition.

Vera Lluch is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Burlington, Canada. She has a BFA from Finis Terrae University, Chile and an Advanced Illustration diploma from Sheridan College.  Vera currently works as a freelance artist producing large murals, book covers, children’s illustrations, and occasionally teaching workshops. Nostalgia is the main thread in her practice, and it surfaces from her material choices, which include old memorabilia and stressed surfaces.   Her work has been exhibited in Chile, Spain and Canada.

Kevin Willson lives and works out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He’s a teaching artist with several degrees in visual arts and education. Generally, Kevin’s artworks are abstracted representations of iconic type imagery, amplified in colour, with expressive brushwork and distorted forms. His paintings can be found in private and public collections, including the Kirkland and District Hospitals in Northern Ontario.

The opening exhibition of the Guardians was followed by a special performance by Cesar Forero, Sienna Brien and Josh Buchner. There will be Live Body-paint by Kevin Wilson, Vera Lluch, Cesar Forero and Gail Dolyn.

We will have prizes for our Men’s class and Women’s class.

The challenge will be bodyweight squat pro for reps.

The Power Squat Pro was designed to capture all the muscle stimulation of a free-weight squat while minimizing the dangers and risks associated with this movement. Our new Squat Pro machine has been a member’s favourite. On November 19th, we want to see how much you can squat!

Sign up below or at the front desk.

Bodypainting Models Needed

We are also looking for eight gym members who want to be live models for our body painting demonstration!
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