The Guardians: Oct 1 – Dec 3 2022

Cecilia Stelini, Gail White and Gail Dolyn
Exhibition Title: “The Guardians”
Dates:  Oct 1 – Dec 3.

These Figures have been constructed from installation projects and objects created by the artist herself from 1998 to 2014. The artist’s human figure appears stage-like as the central and unique character of a performance act.
“The Guardians” are characters who, out of solid affection, fiercely defend something or someone. They also act as the protector, conservator and repository of our feelings and fears. In this case, “The Guardians” are the preservers and protectors of the artwork itself. They also protect the concepts and questions of the artist about everyday life, the world in which we live and the coexistence actions among human beings.